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Vegas Sports Betting Scammer “Bet with AJ” Exposed

Because of the fluctuating odds and fast paced realm of sports betting everyone is always looking for an edge. Some use computer generated game scenarios, others depend on the spread, while some turn to consultants that dedicate themselves to studying the sports, analyzing the outcomes and determining the odds. People trust these consultants with their time and money, depending on them to share the best betting practices including how to manage a bankroll and how to bet within the system.

Some people have become successful sports betting advisors by helping clients with various strategies. Advisors help clients achieve an extra source of wealth by teaching them to manage their bankroll appropriately and produce winning plays at a high percentage. The sports advising industry is very rewarding if you’re a successful handicapper. This type of success will always attract con artists looking to take advantage of others. One person that has become notorious in the industry is “AJ Gunasena” whose legal name is “Arosha Gunasena.” AJ runs his scams under the names “Bet with AJ” and “Exclusive Baseball Picks.”

AJ’s made an infamous name for himself by copying the bets of legitimate sport betting advisors, bashing legitimate sports betting advisors, forging fake winning tickets and photo editing fake lifestyle pics to share on his multiple Instagram accounts. He employs these tricks to seduce clients into believing he’s a valuable sports betting advisor, however, they come to realize he’s just out to steal their money as their bankroll quickly disappears. AJ preys on  impressionable clients by flashing a fake lifestyle including financed exotic vehicles and homes he doesn’t own. He’s bankrupted and taken advantage of many clients. AJ continues to steal information from other sports betting consultants and now is being sued.

If you go to any of the “Bet with AJ” Instagram profiles they name several businesses and list websites that don’t exist. His business has no website at all, it also has no office. When digging deeper into “Bet with AJ” the only real contact information that can be found is a Post Net Box Address and a paid commercial registered agent. He’s gone to great lengths to hide any real contact information and has made sure clients will have a rough time getting their money back.

If you’ve been the victim of AJ, you may be able to contact your credit card or bank provider and request a stop payment. Whatever you do, don’t engage AJ on social media. He’s attacked numerous people through social media spreading lies and slander and causing them extreme distress when they tried to let others know about his fraudulent business. AJ has been known to employ coercion and bullying tactics, even threatening violence. If you’re the victim of his threats you should definitely report it to the police. Avoid AJ at all costs.

Yes he is a scammer. But rather not get myself wrapped up in the drama…

Previous Client

Yes, he definitely withheld a lot of information. I am pretty disappointed. His record is more like 155 wins to 500 losses. But he only counts the wins…

Previous Client

Known Instagram accounts for “Bet with AJ” and “Exclusive Baseball Picks”:

If you have been the victim of a Vegas scam, please let us know at

AJ is Getting Sued by Vegas Dave for Stealing His Picks (See Below).

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AJ Doesn’t Own the Home He Shows as “His” on Social Media Per Assessors Records

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